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I am a Burton-on-Trent based artist who gained a BA in Graphic Design (2013) and an MA in Film & Photography (2021) from the University of Derby.  I finished this course with a Distinction and was awarded the 2021 QUAD/FORMAT fellowship.


For the past ten years, I have worked as a graphic artist in the Midlands, with the last four years focused on fine art and analogue photography. I am interested in alternative and experimental photography methods, and I frequently employ material to mirror concept in my art.


My work explores topics of identity and adaptation. I have recently been working on a personal depiction of fragility in the context of home confinement, gaining influence from photographers like Nicholas Nixon and Helen Chadwick, as well as the natural world. My own experience of multiple operations (and the physical vulnerability and confinement that followed) is comparable to our collective lockdown experience during the pandemic.


I use eco-friendly photography approaches to find a way with fewer health risks and less environmental damage. The images are then fired onto glass to convey a sense of fragility and the psychological impact of being enclosed indoors.


My artwork has been exhibited online at Quad Gallery in Derby, Tebbs Gallery, Artcore Gallery, and physically at Wheatfen Nature Reserve in Body as Self, Body as Nature by Shafiga Aghayeva.

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