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(Work in Process)  Allusions of Grandeur  (2022)

For my latest WIP, I wanted to explore the idea of grandeur in a domestic setting. I have been thinking about how landscape and domesticity have been portrayed as separate subjects in photography, and I want to combine the two. Presenting parallels between vast landscapes and ordinary household items I have experimented with perspective and scale. I have frequently found myself photographing large landscapes and then returning home to develop them using household items! Our experience of lockdown has shown that people are craving vast open spaces after being constrained at home.

I plan to investigate the notion of grandeur further and what it implies in a residential setting, with the objective of recreating the effect of a traditional landscape shot indoors. I have paid tribute to landscape photography by using a 6x9 medium format camera and making all this artwork in my home, incorporating my surroundings in the photographs and trying to capture the awe of a traditional black and white landscape shot.

I created all of my negatives at home, mixing the domestic and landscape aspects in my artwork (coffee, Vitamin C, and washing soda), and will experiment with various recipes to see how they turn out. Finally, I have begun to show my artwork on a large scale on household products, and I intend to explore different display ways moving forward. 


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